iTunes podcast censorship? Redwood’s 6am Brexit interview plus “Fix up Cab for Zephaniah”

April 23, 2018

So back to listening assiduosly to the Today programme and in which I do discuss Brexit, albeit with myself. But iTunes won't allow my podcast to be found when you search for podcasts about Brexit.  I wonder why.  There is a little caveat at the bottom of the search saying 'less relevant items' won't appear.  Explain that to me, iTunes?

iTunes, listen, I talk about Brexit, I discuss Brexit, I have views on Brexit, I want to share those views.  Is it because I is LEAVE?  Is it, iTunes?  

The title of my podcast has brexit in it.  I discuss it frequently along with other news and politics.  Um, perhaps you could look into it, iTunes.



Brenda’s Sergei Skripal was False Flag Douma Nerve Agent ‘Bungling Courier of Doom’ Theory

April 12, 2018

Well, what can I say. My Brenda may have solved what the Western (NATO) powers have been pretending to get their heads around for weeks. Proud isn't the word, but could she possibly be right?  Is being right even a question anyone asks themselves anymore. Discuss.

Brenda likes to speculate on the big world issues and has, as regular listeners will know, a penchant for anti-establishment views, conspiracy theories and the rest.  She came up with this over a simple oaten breakfast with fruits of the forest stirred in, courtesy of Heron Foods.  

So, Brenda, the Nobel Peace prize awaits, if Tony doesn't snatch it away for all his worthy efforts. 


Skripal, Zizzi’s Novichok Sharing Board & Sara Montague’s Salary Dip

April 11, 2018

So the Skripals continue to rally.  How terribly inconvenient.  It's as if they'd had a dodgy mushroom risotto and chugged two litres of White Lightning on a park bench, not a dose of mythical Novichok applied to their doorknob with a Q-tip by a unicorn... What if they have something to say that slightly pulls us away from the narrative as concocted by the powers that be?  Whoa Bessy!  I thought the Director Generalissimo of Salisbury Health Conglomerate looked remarkably nervous when giving her press conference about the Skripals the other day.  Something just a tad discombobulated about her.  Maybe she thought she'd left the gas on, put the cat in the tumble dryer, or somesuch trivial domestic concern.

Anyway, the Skripals are continuing to make excellent progress so that the preposterous idea of them giving a press conference, or that the British tax payer has a right to listen to what they have to say, before they are whisked away to a safe facility 'underground' at Area 51 clearly cannot be countenanced (given the code vermilion threats and the inability of security services and Frank Gardner to check and wipe every doorknob on the way to the podium and what about snipers - see below).  So farewell the Skripals - good luck with your idyllic new life on a dairy farm in Wisconsin dressed in gingham and denim.  What an untterable load of bollocks - pardonnez moi!

Meanwhile, Brenda and banana boxes plus the poor old Palestinians and the sharp shooters.

These are the curious opinions and conclusions of Fat Barry and sometimes Brenda.  For veracity and truth please try the BBC and see how you go.


Oxfam, Cox Femmes, Virtue Frignalling & Dr Falder’s 32 stretch

February 21, 2018

So, let's talk virtue frignalling, Brendan Cox, Oxfam, select committees, the heinous crimes of Dr. Matthew Falder of Birmingham (oceanic seismology is key according to Brenda) and his 32 year sentence compared to a recent sentence handed down in the Rotherham scandal.

Plus, please don't mention LeRoy in front of Brenda, nor those blokes who come round selling sponges and j-cloths.


Phuket Boris Johnson Brexit HP Sauce and Mandy Rice Mogg

February 19, 2018

Beautiful fry-up today from Brenda and I thought I'd drag out the old microphone and lay me down some good ol' northern drivel about the state of play globally, focusing on Brexit, BoJo's speech on Valentine's Day, the dangers of brown sauce, and do you want a soft or hard boiled Brexit?  Boris' Notting Hill argument went thus: If 400,000 classy French folk of the higher paid and talented variety lived in London during my papacy earning shed loads and visiting Cafe Rouge chaque nuit what's not to like about unfettered immigration generally...  Er... try living beyond the north circular, my brother-in-law Pete opines.

So then, Brexit, reveal yourself: it's not about finances, it's not about immigration, it's about self determination and the good old demos.

PPS. I am not a Fake News organ, nor am I Frank Gardner, MkII, the CIA-GCHQ reconditioned Fax-Bot. What am I?


Assange Wikileaks Jane Austen & Bent Coppers

February 13, 2018

Yes, the book I was trying to think of which is a great read by the way and says some very unflattering things about the Court of Appeal, the CPS and of course the Metropolitan Police is called 'Untouchables: Dirty Cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard' by Michael Gillard.

Anyway it shows with great clarity, albeit in the Supergrass era, just how willing the courts have been to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to justice as and when it suits them.

One can't help feeling that Mr. Assange is being put through the judical wringer in exactly the same way.

Incidentally can anyone tell me which of the Flying Squad branches was more corrupt: Tower Bridge, Rigg Approach or conceivably Finchley?

Hard Brexit now the only option, and no, it's nothing to do with economics.


Trump: not a nutter just a plain idiot plus Bishop Bell Ball and Candle

January 18, 2018

Happy New Year to all my loyal listener!

El Presidente of the new banana republic, the USA, has been proven not mad, which is great.

The Church of England has historians queueing up to say that Bishop Bell or is it Ball was a very nice man and that any hint of impropriety cannot be laid at his door because he was a very nice man.  That seems to be the thrust of it.  I don't know what to think.  Is the compo culture finally over - or could I still get in a retrospective claim against Gracie Fields?    

Back from Barbados, seeing Brenda's clan, and disappointed to be in Lincolnshire, where the sun don't shine very often.


I’m back with O Jerusalem, Brenda’s Holy Land Donkey Love plus Grenfell

December 11, 2017

What's going on in the world?

Forget Jerusalem for a mo, what about the Care Homes owned by Four Seasons and the like being milked for cash by your favourite Hedge Funds and then kicked to the kerb, with our parents and grandparents clinging to the wreckage?

On second thoughts don't forget Jerusalem.  Fat Barry gives it a little thought, and also muses on the strategically placed item on the BBC news about a Donkey sanctuary in the Holy Land.  Plus the Imperial Stormtroopers and a man with a small stick.

All human life is here, plus one man (le twa', c'est moi!) trying to pick his way through the flotsam and jetsam of lies and propaganda on the media, with especial attention to BBC Radio 4 Today flagship. 


Westminster Sex Scandals designed to ‘encourager les autres’ to vote against Brexit

November 7, 2017

As you know, Fat Barry's thesis is that most people who achieve any 'power' in government have been blackmailed years ago by the dark state.  There are polaroids and Betamax's aplenty, locked away, ready for activation.

In its desperation to reverse Brexit, said murky state has had to step out of the shadows and sacrifice a few minor pawns in the Westminster sex scandal, to bring the rest to heel on the old choke chain. A salutory reminder to do what is required: that is to go nowhere, to be reabsorbed into the EU.

Meanwhile, more on Brenda's Paradise Papers, a kind of jolly Rizla that I get her off the market, every so often.

And of course, Mrs. Brown's Boys.



Bloomberg, Spacey, the Old Vic, some Old Dick and the Quid Pro Blo.

November 1, 2017

A mixed bag today in which I think about Samhain, the Celtic Wiccan festival, the outrage in Manhattan via Home Despot (sic), the 'selfless' interference of Michael Bloomberg into the democratic intent of the UK vis a vis Brexit, Kevin Spacey and his accusers not to mention a bit of Wordsworth and the lascivious wren, Troglodytes troglodytes.

All human life is here.  Plus my views on Soya Milk.

Not to mention, my continued reflections on the great work of Louis Theroux and why living in America in the way that he portrays so well, is a condition to be avoided at all costs.  Do something about that, Mike Bloomberg if you're so philanthropic. "I do already, bigtime, because we had a $150,000 benefit ball at the Waldorf blah blah blah...  Etc, etc, etc.