Julian Clary channels the late Earl Spencer and BBC wages get a once over

July 26, 2017

Fat Barry here again. Back from Almeria and casting an investigatory eye over the BBC wages as recently published.  All your high octane favourites like Kemal Ahmed and Nick Knowles and that one out of Causality that Brenda likes. Plus the mystery of Steve Wright, Letitia and Adam, and a haunted static near the old East Enders compound. Tickets to Althorp pronounced 'Fleece the proles' are available via Julian Fellowes wearing a high viz tabard at the entrance to the car park. Gillian Taylforth has been hired by Earl Spencer as part of her commitments to the Beeb, and can be seen flitting through the gloaming dressed in an apricot organza shift, on Diana's sacred isle in a moving son et lumiere.  Thrill as the lights on the isle dim as she learns to use her Dodie for the first time. Meanwhile, Chris Evans' wage? Hello?  And Alan Yentob's? He's only ever had 4 viewers so it must be connected to the Scotch Egg incident.  Ciao! 


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