Remoaner Taliban planting daily anti Brexit IEDs e.g. funny Euratom

July 13, 2017

The Remoaner's Taliban leader Nick Clegg gets on to Radio 4 whenever he fancies, wearing another of his quango hats.  Derby schools are crap.  Why? Let Fat Barry tell you. Bad leadership.  Those 'leaders' ain't on rubbish wages. Lead the schools. Simples.

Meanwhile Taliban Remoaner aide, National Audit Office wonk, Sir Amyas something former dull as ditchwater accountant, former Price Waterhouse Closet human calculator and MoD commercial director (BOGOF torture equipment/drones/missiles) is talking chocolate oranges to us proles.  Sir Amyas something?  Just do some bloody work, and prepare for it!  Accountants notoriously unprepared to do anything but skim.  And bankers, see HSBC.

Meanwhile we're going to be punished by EU, via EuroATOM, who will let us all die of cancer. Medical Taliban join in. Viva Tuscany!

And so the Remoaner Taliban carry on planting these Roadside IEDs every couple of days. Theresa trapped in Camp Bastion. Who's digging Tom, Dick and Harry?


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