The charity Shelter and the Cladding Trustee plus Mosul and Konta

July 12, 2017

BBC R4 Today programme Mosul correspondent signed off from the devastated Stalingrad of a city with the insultingly underwhelming 'it's a bit depressing'. Now, that's journalism!  And the UK top drone General, who probably gets to serve the U.S. general's their cheeseburger and cokes in the Omani 5* 'operations' resort, said Amnesty were naive etc. for talking about civilian casualties caused by the RAF. And I can't think he was challenged in any way about the operation, or planning of the operation. Hopefully he'll get a nice job with a security, aerospace and weapons company when his days playing leapfrog with the Yanks are over.

Meanwhile the charity Shelter have lost a few trustees, due to resignation. Including Tony 'Xerxes' Rice, largest shareholder in the Grenfell cladding company.  Shelter, have we heard much from them lately? They were keeping their heads well below the parapet...  wonder why?


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