Poldark, Toe Sucking, the Duchess of York & More Star Signs

August 8, 2017

Silly season continues with the shade of Mary Whitehouse and her time tunnel pushing our noses into the moribund moral outrages of 1973. Vicars writing in about a controversial scene in the pretty revamp of the dull 1973 tv series Poldark in which a vicar sucks the toe of a prostitute.  No mention of the Duchess of York and her propensity for cheesy big one. Did an Equerry from South Fork phone up the BBC duty officer, or is someone after a security contract in Uzbekistan?  Who knows.  Meanwhile, the Today programme continues to do its damnedest to scupper Brexit even further. Ah, well, listen to the horoscopes... there's something for everyone.  Spookily voyeuristic.

Brenda's back in Barbados and Barry's a bit snappy having lost his first take thanks to an over hasty snatch-out of his SD card from his trusty recorder.


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